Removing Code-Based Sandbox Solutions in SharePoint Online

As of July 29, 2016, Microsoft has officially stopped support for code-based sandbox solutions in Office 365, This change came after the choice to not fix a bug that was happening with the solutions.

As quoted from Microsoft’s article:

  • As part of the removal process, activation of new code-based sandbox solutions, as well as updates of existing solutions are no longer available.
  • In the coming weeks, running code-based sandbox solutions in SharePoint Online multi-tenant environments also will be disabled. Customers with these solutions should watch the Message Center and Service Health Dashboard (SHD) for details, timelines, and exception processes.

The recommendation has been to move to the add-in model for all customizations that have needed to make a transition. Read more from Microsoft here.

Do you have sandbox solutions in your environment?

If you currently have solutions that have been deployed or if you are needing to detect solutions in your environment, Vesu Juoven has created a Powershell script that will help to detect all solutions deployed in your environment on GitHub. Here is a link to the PnP script to detect solutions.

Happy hunting.


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