New Multi-Geo Capabilities coming to SharePoint and OneDrive

During Jeff Teper’s announcements this morning at Microsoft Ignite, the new multi-geo capabilities are coming to OneDrive and Exchange with future roll out to SharePoint in the near future in Office365.

What will this mean to you?

Multi Geo will now allow organizations that have data throughout the world to be able to extend their single tenant to cover multiple geographic locations.

Customers will now be able to specify the geo using Azure AD that can apply to sites, users and at a document level. This will increase the capabilities for Admins to control where content is allowed to be access, shared and with whom throughout their tenant and user base.

Available geos in Multi-Geo

The new capabilities will be available to both new and existing Office365 tenants.

Where will Geo not be available?

Multi-Geo will not be available to sovereign tenants in China, Germany and U.S. Government.


  • Multi Geo will be available for all existing and new Office365 tenants
  • There are no minimum number of users per Geo
  • No Limits on number of Geos per tenant
  • Admin Tools will allow for data to be transitioned from one Geo to another.

Additional Resources to help you get started

Multi-Geo sessions at Ignite: (Ignite videos coming soon!)

Multi-Geo in OneDrive:

Multi-Geo in SharePoint Online:

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