Your Intranet, Your Way – SPTechCon Presentation 2016

I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Dave Feldman to bring this presentation to life this year at SPTechCon Austin, TX, Boston, MA and San Francisco. This presentation reviews the best practices for creating custom intranets using SharePoint and O365.

Traditional SharePoint customization used to tie our hands behind our back.

  • Master Pages
  • Custom ASP.Net Pages
  • Farm Solutions
  • Custom .Net Web Parts

Every time a new version of SharePoint would be released, we would continually have to re-develop these solutions to work. This takes a considerable effort and cost for any business.

We are now in a world where you had to develop depending on if you were standing on-prem or if you were going to the cloud. What are some of your options?

  • Avoid Custom Master Pages
  • Client-Side Rendering
  • New Extensibilty Capabilities
  • Single Page Applications

You have a few options for you.

Options to Configure SharePoint/O365

  • Theming
    • O365
    • SharePoint
  • Office 365 Logo
  • Custom Tiles in the App Launcher
  • Web Parts on Page
  • Authored Content

Customize SharePoint/O365

  • Custom SharePoint Theme
  • Alternate CSS
  • Custom Page Layouts
  • JSLink Client-side Rendering
  • Display Templates

Extend SharePoint/O365

  • Javascript Injection (embedding)

Custom Experiences

  • Full-Page Applications

To learn more about some of these expreiences or how to accomplish them, please see our deck on Slideshare at:


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