Introducing the New Group Calendar WebPart in Modern SharePoint

Microsoft is in the midst of rolling out the new Group Calendar WebPart to all tenants where all users are in First Release. The Group Calendar showed up in mine today and I would like to show you a quick example of how to use it.

The Group Calendar WebPart allows us to surface events and items that are stored in our Group Outlook Calendar in Office365. The Group Calendar Webpart can be placed on Communication Sites and Modern Team Sites.

The new UI has a great interface that allows us to focus on events in a friendly manner than the classic calendar interface that wasn’t responsive and often was difficult to read in smaller columns.

Some downsides that I hope will become features in the future:

  1. Only supports one calendar at a time. I am unable to roll-up events from multiple calendars.
  2. No color choices for how events come across. A birthday vs corporate or personal all look the same.
  3. No filtering capability to only see events with a specific kind of metadata such as an office location

Overall, I think it’s a step in the right direction and I’m looking forward to what the future has in store.

Learn how to use the Group Calendar WebPart

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