Schedule a Teams Meeting now rolling out

When scheduling meetings through Outlook, I would always look for the “New Skype Meeting” button. Today, when I went to schedule a meeting, I saw the beginnings of the Teams integration in my Outlook.

Now, in the same dropdown, I now see a link to “Teams Meeting”.


The scheduler looks and acts the same as scheduling a Skype for Business meeting or an event.


The downside is that unlike Skype for Business meetings where I could simply press the “kjoin” button in my chat window, I now need to cliek on the meeting link in the calendar invite.

User have the option to open Teams in the browser or in the rich client.


If you want to invite an external user to the conversation, you will see that (guest) will show next to their name when their email address is added.

It will be exciting to see some of the other updates coming in the near future.

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