Get the most out of the Markdown Web Part in SharePoint

Markdown language is a fast and efficient language for taking fast notes or content creation on web sites. SharePoint now offers a web part that recognizes this markup allowing for additional opportunities for users.


Place the web part on the page by hovering over the canvas that you would like to add it to and clicking on the “+” icon. Select “Markdown” from the toolbox.

The web part by default will show using the dark theme and preview. To start using, start typing your markup in the left column. If you have the preview enabled, the output will show in the right column.

If you choose, you can use the light theme, which will provide a white background for the left column.

The user has the option to turn off the preview capability and work strictly off of the markup.

Once the user has completed their markup, publish the page and you will only see the output of the markup.

How to Get Started with Markdown language

If you are new to Markdown language and would like to learn more, I have included a few resources below to help you get started.

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  1. Anandavadivelan says:

    Can you add a collapsible in Markdown webpart in SharePoint Online?

    # A collapsible section with markdown

    Click to expand!

    ## Heading
    1. A numbered
    2. list
    * With some
    * Sub bullets

    1. D'arce Hess Author says:

      Hi Anand,
      I tried to use the markdown accordion as well and unfortuantely, it is not yet supported. In doing some research, Microsoft currently only supported in the documentation. Hopefully, they can add in this additional support in the future.

  2. Why would someone use this instead of the text widget?

    1. D'arce Hess Author says:

      Many teams that consist of developers may write notes faster using Markdown. Also using Markdown is great for documentation, especially if you are thinking of moving things over into GitHub later as that is the format that they use.

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