A Review of SharePoint Saturday D.C. – Reston

It was lovely to be back in Reston, VA this weekend hanging out with some great folks who came out to make this an amazing event. All of the organizers did an outstanding job of putting on this event at the Microsoft office. With just over 250 attendees,  and a full 5 tracks of sessions, this event was hopping all day.

Dan Usher never fails to bring out the best in the speakers with the inclusion of never-ending candy in the speaker room. Just in case you wondered why the speakers were bouncing off of the walls. I was fortunate to present a session on Responsive Design in SharePoint. It was interesting as there were three different sessions on Responsive Design at this event. I had a packed room and had the pleasure of sitting in on one of the sessions after mine. I suppose there is no great honor than the new community speakers used the CodePlex project that Eric Overfield, Gilda Spencer and I had the pleasure of creating at their primary example.

After a full day of speaking and sessions, everyone gathered for the local SharePint and let the real collaboration begin. I love it when attendees come out afterwards and ask their questions. So many great conversations.

Thank you again for another great year.

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