Create a Task from a Message in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has continued to expand its capabilities by integrating into additional areas within Microsoft 365 to help productivity. You can now take ant message either from a 1:1 chat or from a message within the Posts tab of a Team and create a Task.

To create a task, select the message that you want to have an action item out of and select the (…) to option the additional options tab and select more actions and Create a task.

Create a task

The task will automatically add the content from within the message. You can select where you want to create the task as well as the priority of the task and the due date.

Create a task

If you open up Microsoft To Do, you will now see the task that you have created under the Tasks menu option.

Task showing in Microsoft To Do

This will help to consolidate the actions items from meetings, chats, and general conversations to help you and your team be more effective in task management.

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